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Give your words wings . . .

words with wings

Abstract:  In this article we will look at why words alone are not enough when you embark on plain language projects.  And why design alone is not enough when you embark on document or communication redesign projects. And lastly why design and words working together provide levels of comprehension that neither can achieve on their …read more

The cost-benefit of plain language

Document Ideas

Do you know how much your current documents and communications cost you? In multiple handling? In call centre costs – your staffs time in correcting errors, generating follow-up explanations, maybe even extending payment terms? In systems, technology & additional staff to handle follow-ups? In opportunity cost (what would your staff be able to do if they …read more

How to avoid increasing mail costs

Orpheus & Associates

By Steve Pryce, Orpheus & Associates – Communication Design Practise, 31st August 2009   Executive summary “Customer Communications Management” or CCM is a term that is seeing increasing interest and broad adoption across the analyst community. At the same time organisations are focusing on the “management” component of CCM.   What is driving this interest? …read more

To build or not to build?

To build or not to build

It’s a question of Shakespearean proportions.  Buy and licence a commercial application and bend your organisation into it or build your own, one that will be a perfect fit for your current business model and grow and change as you do.  With the emergence of ASP (application service providers) there is now a third choice, …read more