The cost-benefit of plain language

Document Ideas

Do you know how much your current documents and communications cost you? Best interracial online dating sites – Top and new sites list with reviews.

  • In multiple handling?
  • In call centre costs – your staffs time in correcting errors, generating follow-up explanations, maybe even extending payment terms?
  • In systems, technology & additional staff to handle follow-ups?
  • In opportunity cost (what would your staff be able to do if they were not explaining what your letters mean or attempting to pacify angry or confused customers?)
  • In attrition & subsequent marketing efforts to replace the losses with new customers?
  • And are the replacements really replacements? i.e. are they as loyal, spend as much or buy multiple products or refer as many people . . . As the customers you lost?
  • Finally, are your outbound documents reflective of your brand attributes? And if they’re not, at what cost?