Plain Language

A Bit About Plain Language . . .

We believe that when you combine the 2 critical elements of communication design – visual design and language – significant benefits can be achieved. Research has indicated that up to 55% of the information we take in is visual and only 7% is text. We make sure that we emphasise strong visual design discipline so that people can easily navigate documents and communications. And we also make sure that once they navigate to the area(s) of interest that the language is clear, simple and actionable. Ideally without needing follow-up with the organisation. Which saves your organisation time and money in cost-to-serve, creates a better customer experience and means that your customers are more likely to buy again, buy more or refer others to you.


What we do . . .

One of the key things we do is help your people write in a refreshingly clear style. A style that ensures – perhaps, for the first time – that your documents reflect and enhance your organisation’s brand. As we see it, an organisation’s documents help form “the voice of its brand”. If that “voice” is easy to read, to understand, and to use, then the organisation’s documents enhance its brand every time someone reads them. This is true for law firms, for companies, and for government.


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