Customer Centred Design

We know that technology plays part of the picture in developing relationships with your customers.  Now more than ever getting your customer conversations right needs a broader approach no matter which channels you use.  With our  communication design services we can combine our deep understanding of technology and process with a user-centred design (UCD) approach to both style and content in all your outgoing communications.



Using our Design-thinking for Documents [Dt4D] TM and Design-thinking for Communication [Dt4C] TM methodologies, we start at the end point – the customer experience.  We help you understand what the current experience looks like – how much it costs you and how it compares to your competitors.  We then help you build a sound business case, test the potential outcomes of communication design scenarios, balanced against business, technology and commercial requirements. We do that before rolling up our sleeves and committing to vendor or technology selection, constraints, development, testing, implementation and ongoing support.


And we’ll provide consultants to walk with you through every step and transfer our skills to your people.


Read our white paper “Give your words wings” for more information.