We asses your current software

We can evaluate your current systems and make recommendations regarding whether it makes sense to move to a new system or to improve your current system. We can also help you put together a realistic budget and ROI analysis for a new system and create a business case for presentation to executive management.


We’ll help you select you new platform

We conduct requirements analysis and put together requirements documents (RFI/RFP/RFT). We then conduct research on the software market to get a shortlist for your unique selection.

We take you through the software demo process, including creating a demo script and highlighting potential gaps and the affect they will have on your business. Finally we help facilitate your final decision by coaching you through the final due diligence research and decision making process.


We can help you design and build your solution

We can provide software development skills to design & build applications or to build and extend your existing applications or help provide the glue between your various business applications.


Read our white paper on Building, Buying or Renting software